Oy Saimaa Terminals Ab is a port operator specialised in cargo handling and logistics services. We provide ship loading and unloading services at ports in the area of Lake Saimaa and at the Port of Hamina. Oy Saimaa Terminals Ab specialises in lolo operations and project shipments. Small ports with a specific focus offer efficiency.

We provide shippers and shipping companies with tailored and flexible port services.

Our resources:

  • Warehouses: 29,000 m2 at the ports of Lake Saimaa, 42,000 m2 in Hamina, 12,000 m2 at land terminals. Bonded warehouses at Mustola, Vuoksi, Hamina and Kouvola.
  • Progressive cargo handling technology. About 60 crane and forklift crane units owned by us.

Ship carriage supplements the other modes of transport. Located close to production plants, the ports in the area of Lake Saimaa also provide the opportunity of transporting goods from inland ports to other inland ports. This type of transport is the most ecologistical option available.

For more information on our ports, please refer to the Points of operation page.